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The First Multi-Chain Mining Metaverse

Innovative cross-chain mining Metaverse solution that seamlessly connects the worlds of DeFi, GameFi and NFT's into one consolidated, easy-to-use opensource protocol.

Hashrate-Based Protocol

pToken and wToken Issuance

Retail miners could buy the pTokens and stake them to earn mining rewards. Once the pTokens are staked, the retail miners will get transferable synthetics wTokens.

Standardized Mining Pools

The mining power of standardization mining pools will be added through self-building, and by the contribution from other mining pools which switch their mining power into MINE Network.

Multi-chain DeFi Integration

The community could use the MINE Network Bridge product to transfer pTokens from Polkadot to other blockchains like Ethereum, Solana and Binance Smart Chain, in order to trade or lend.

pTokens Staking Module

Retail miners have to deposit the purchased pTokens in the Staking Module to earn mining rewards, which will be distributed daily in each cycle through the MINE Network interface.

Hashrate-Based Gaming Backbone

Token Value Capture

Preemptive right

The retail miners that have staked a certain amount of MINE tokens have the preemptive right to purchase the first sale of pTokens.

Governance and Voting

MINE tokens holders can create and vote for proposals. The project will be governed by community and for community.

Token Burning

A certain percentage of transaction fees are burned in the form of MINE tokens. It will control the circulating supply in the market.

Liquidity Reward

The market makers providing liquidity for pTokens and MINE tokens on DEX will be rewarded with MINE tokens.



Nikita Vassev

Founder and CEO of TerraCrypto

Nikita Vassev is an entrepreneur, investor, producer of digital and blockchain projects, speaker at international conferences and forums. Founder of the 13Exchange p2p platform aggregator, the Six Touches Agency digital agency and the largest specialized project TerraCrypto, which unites miners and community traders from all over the world. TerraCrypto held events in Germany, Russia and the CIS countries, the team is well acquainted with different mining markets and its features. The project partners were F2Pool, Avalon, BITMAIN, Binance Pool, EMCD, MSK miner and many key market players.

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Orion Depp

Managing Director at Master Ventures Polkadot VC Fund

Orion started his career as an Apple dev. intern at 17. He then founded a Fintech VC firm with 10+ exits including one to He then served as a small-cap tech equity analyst for a L.A.-based $1 billion hedge fund and, after that, as a sell-side crypto research analyst covering altcoins including Binance (BNB) and Huobi. In 2018 he helped perform the largest ICO in South America. Orion is a 40 under 40 award recipient and holds an MBA in Investment Mgmt. from the University of Southern California (USC) and has also studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), UCSD, and LSE. He has lived and worked in 4 continents and speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese, and light Russian.

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Farrukh Shaikh

Co-founder & CFO of Gather Network

Farrukh is a seasoned investment and financial professional who previously worked for both KPMG and Grant & Thornton. During his corporate career Farrukh was involved with audit and advisory for the middle eastern region’s largest players. He later left his corporate career to join the evolving world of cryptocurrency. He is a derivatives trader and an active investor in the crypto space.

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Pramod Mahadik

CEO & Founder of Polkarare

Pramod aims to build Web3 economy for unique and scarce digital assets supported on Polkadot, Polygon, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain. He is the CEO and founder of Polkarare. Besides, he is an expert in the NFT ecosystem with seasoned experience.

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Ben Lakoff

Co-founder & Business Lead of Charged Particles

Ben has developed a strong global finance experience from nearly a decade of international assignments across 4 continents, and boasts a broad & diverse finance background before joining the blockchain space full-time in 2017. Now, working primarily with early-stage startups, Ben has been an integral part of teams that have raised over $15M in funding.

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Anthony Blackburn

Chief Marketing Officer at VAIOT

Anthony is the CMO at VAIOT. Experienced Marketing expert with demonstrated success working with major CPG and Automotive Brands. Skilled in Project Management, Communication, Event Management, Team Building, and Marketing Management. Humber College graduate and former English tutor and Kickboxing Instructor.

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Martin Jessel

Business Dev and Project Manager of MILC Platform

Martin has graduated in International Business studies and started out his career working in the field of sales. In 2016, he set foot into the gripping world of cryptocurrencies. Being a big crypto enthusiast, he engaged as an investor and networker. Ever since he built connections to big cryptocurrency networks, KOLs and projects before he became Angel Investor and Business Development Manager for Kylin Network in 2020. Since August 2021 Martin is part of the MILC Platform Team as a Project Manager. He benefits from key contacts at over 50 projects and VCs across the industry.

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2020 Q4

Project Establishment

2021 Q1

Draft of Whitepaper

2021 Q2

Official Whitepaper Release

2021 Q2

Official Website Launch

2022 Q1

Finishing the Specification Documentation

2022 Q1

Master Miner NFT Sales

2022 Q1

Completing the Design Phase

2022 Q2

Finishing MVP and initiating the Testing Phase

2022 Q2

Completing the Testing Phase and the Pre-launching stage

2022 Q2

Debut Launch of the MINEverse


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